Aprilaire Indoor Air Quality

Air pollution is a serious problem — especially inside your home! The EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. The EPA also reports that indoor air can be up to one hundred times more polluted than
the air outside. One hundred times! And while you are offered many options — standard 1" furnace filters, portable purifiers and
ionizers — there’s only one truly effective solution: an Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaner.

Don’t just treat the symptoms — remove the problems from the air in every room of your house — from your bedroom to your basement with an air cleaning system from Aprilaire — the leader in whole-home air cleaning technology.

What is a Whole-Home Air Cleaner?

There are many types of air cleaners (also refered to as air purifiers or ionizers) on the market today but none are as effective
and clean your entire house as well as an Aprilaire Air Cleaning system. Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Cleaners make your air as clean as possible by removing particulates from your air, allowing you to breathe healthier air — important to those with allergies and asthma and for those who want the cleanest air possible for themselves and their family. An Aprilaire Air Cleaner installed by your heating and cooling contractor, can help rid your home of dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses, smoke and more!

How Does It Work?

Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaners are installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system — completely out of your way and out-of-sight. That means each and every time your system runs, the air in your home is filtered through our state-of-the-art filter media removing potentially harmful contaminants from every room of your home.

The resulting clean air is then distributed via your heating and cooling system’s ductwork to your entire home. Best yet, the system
is easy to maintain with infrequent maintenance only required every 1-2 years unlike portable units that require monthly care or
standard filters that need cleaning every 1-3 months.

Aprilaire Models 2210/2410/2250 Whole-House Air Cleaners


The best choice for allergy sufferers. Aprilaire 2210 and 2410 Whole-House Media Ai Cleaners deliver the most efficient, cost-effective air cleaning for your home.

Equipped with patented filtering media that can give you
exceptionally clean air throughout your home – at a very affordable

  •  Traps 98% of visible airborne dust and other large particles
  •  Permanently captures at least 97% of airborne pollen-sized particles
  •  Provides more than 30 times the filtering media used in standard 1" furnace filters
  •  Requires no maintenance other than the infrequent replacement of filtering media every 1-2 years

Aprilaire Models 600 Whole-House Humidifier

The Aprilaire Model 600 Whole-House Humidifier features truly automatic control, plus a built-in bypass damper, which means fewer parts to install. The bypass damper is conveniently labeled for both summer and winter settings, allowing you to set it for the entire season with no guesswork involved. The Aprilaire Model 600 Whole-House Humidifier is simply the best performing bypass humidifier on the market.

  •  Features the same performance benefits of other Aprilaire Humidifiers
  •  Delivers up to 50% more moisture in comparison to competitive units
  •  Has an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour
  •  Humidifies tightly-constructed homes up to 4,000 square feet in size

Aprilaire Media Performance Upgrade Kit

Now, your air cleaner can remove smaller particles with two times greater efficiency. We can retrofit your existing Aprilaire or SpaceGard air cleaner to accommodate our new and imporved filtering media. It's an easy upgrade that will remove more dust mites. more pollen. More pet dander. Even particles you can't see, like smoke and viruses. The upgrade i so simple, we can do it today in a matter of minutes.

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